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Yes, sometimes a bad user experience is the goal!

  Do you realize how deeply your life is intertwined with technology? You live in a world where you can check the news, weather and your email from the comfort of your zero-gravity bed each morning. Once you get up, your smart thermostat can cool your room to...

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Flight safety depends on human centered design

  Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. Lion Air Flight 610. Two Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes. 346 lives lost. As human factors experts in flight safety, we’ve been pouring over the seemingly endless amount of daily news stories concerning these tragedies. And what we’ve...

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It is not human error and NEVER will be!

  We’re not just trying to grab your attention with a sensational headline. Although, if you own a business – any type of business that creates products or services – your attention needs to be grabbed. Your organization can have the best reputation, great...

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