Human Centered Design

We live in a do more with less world. A focus on the human and user experience maximizes the ability to optimize productivity, produce efficiencies in task design operations, and decrease safety incidents and lost work time. All of which are of paramount importance to every organization’s bottom line. From a product development perspective, all products require a human end user that is capable of utilizing your products to peak performance. There are no second chances with consumers and there are always competitor options, you must remain the best by offering a positive user experience with your product and organization through a human centered design.

Strategy and Innovation

A strategic approach that leverages the ability to identify gaps within or external to an organization is imperative to fuel innovative breakthroughs, accelerating your company to the next level. The ability to harness and integrate expertise and apply it to novel products or partnerships facilitates growth and longevity in a competitive economy.

Health and Performance

This is a complete approach to servicing the health and wellness of your organization. From achieving business objectives to the unspoken needs of the employees that bring you success, we take a simultaneous bottom up and a top down approach to analyzing the health and vitality of your workforce. This approach allows us to strategically posture your business for success while maximizing performance and satisfaction of your employees.

Human Safety and Root Cause Analysis

There are times when a company experiences setbacks, these setbacks can manifest in many different ways including: accidents or non-optimal events, the company loses pace with their competitors, or the corporate culture is in need of change. No matter the problem or obstacle, our immersive approach will help identify the root cause that may be visible or “What Lies Beneath” the surface your company.

Coaching, Training and Speaking

Sophic Synergistics focuses on services that meet the needs of organizations, their employees and customers by building environments, products and services that deliver the best in human centered design and user experience.  We accomplish this by focusing on the needs of the organization, employees, customers and clients