Consulting Firm with Services focused on Optimizing the human's performance and experience in any environment

Our Vision

We are a Houston based consulting firm offering a unique and comprehensive business solution strategy actualized through a human centered design approach.

Our vision is to help all of our clients Build Better Business by Design, focusing on environments, products, and services that deliver the best in human centered design, safety and user experience outcomes for every industry.

The Sophic difference is attributed to our unique and immersive model. We deliver an integrated solution representing a point of convergence between:
engineering, human factors and business strategy considerations. Providing optimized and innovative solutions for our clients!


Better Business By Design

Our Capabilities

The value of our unique mix of core competencies is directly linked to the focus on bringing a user centered design approach back to innovative thinking and strategic development. Understanding how to improve your organization’s human centered approach will help achieve business objectives and foster the strongest aspect of business development and product design.

Strategy and Innovation

A strategic approach that leverages the ability to identify gaps within or external to an organization

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Human Safety and Root Cause Analysis

There are times when an organization experiences setbacks, these setbacks can manifest

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Health and Performance

This is a complete approach to servicing the health and wellness of your organization.

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Coaching, Training and Speaking

As part of our 360 degree focus, we utilize the Birkman Method to provide better insights

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Driving Success

Current Clients

  • NASA Johnson Space Center
    NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Oculus
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • TMCx

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